Health & Safety Awareness

Health & Safety Training Solutions uses qualified trainers to provide the following range of training courses or a bespoke package can be tailor made to meet the needs of your small or large group:

  • Introduction to Health & Safety - covering the basics that everyone needs to know and aimed at general employees or those starting work for the first time in any industrial or commercial workplace. 1 day course

  • Health & Safety for the Construction Industry - covering the causes of accidents and how to avoid them, basic legislation, and the need for risk assessments and method statements. Specifically designed for everyone working in the construction industry. 1 day course

  • Health & Safety for Construction Managers - covering the Health and Safety Regulations in more detail, the course looks at duty holders, meeting requirements, record keeping, carrying out risk assessments, preparing method statements and case studies. 1 day course

  • Health & Safety for Facilities Managers - similar to Health and Safety for Construction Managers course but biased towards facilities management and covering particular regulations in more detail. 1 day course

  • Introduction to the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations - explaining what the regulations are, who the duty holders are, what they must do, and how the requirements of the regulations can be met. Includes case studies. 1 day course

  • Electrical Safety for Commissioning Engineers - specifically designed for those people that work on plant control panels. 1 day course

  • Fire Safety - we train your employees in the fundamentals of fire safety. The starting point is to understand how fires start and spread so they can be avoided. If the worst happens, your staff need to be trained so they react quickly to protect themselves and others, and if necessary to use the appropriate type of fire extinguisher. 1 day course

Hard hat Arranging a course with us is simple; give us a call or send us an email and we will do the rest.

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