Why Train?

Everyone who works has a responsibility to work in a safe manner, so as not to endanger themselves or others; if you run a business or are responsible for buildings or other people, health and safety is an issue you can't afford to ignore.

In today's working environment, getting to grips with the latest legislation and regulations can be time-consuming, and sometimes daunting. By training your staff in Health and Safety, we can help you to increase your organisation's productivity and profitability - and to avoid the expensive consequences of work-related injury or sickness.

Whatever your situation, we can help your team crack the Health and Safety code by designing a training package to suit your business needs:

  • New staff need Health & Safety training as part of a work place induction
  • Experienced staff may need a refresher, particularly if skills do not get used very often
  • Your staff need to be able to work or use tools and equipment safely
  • Your workforce needs to be more aware of Health & Safety issues
  • Construction industry professionals may need to be up-to-date with the latest Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2007.

Man wearing blue hooded sweatshirt We can deliver the course in your workplace, to minimise disruption to your staff, at our office for your convenience, or at an external venue - the choice is yours.


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